Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your blinds of the same quality as major name brands?

Yes…Hunter Douglas, Graber. Comfortex.

What is the difference between different Roman shades?

Yes…Roman Fold & Flat Fold and Different Lift Systems.

What’s the difference between exterior solar and interior solar shades?

Outside Shades are Weather Resistance, Inside more colors & patterns.

What is the difference between inside and outside mount?

Inside mount fits inside the window & Outside mount fits outside the window

What are faux wood blinds made of?

Composite Materials

Which shades are considered the most energy-efficient?

Cellular Honeycomb Shades are one of the most Energy Efficient Shades in the market.

What are cellular (or honeycomb) shades made of?

Soft Fabric ……. Usually Spun Lace or Bonded Polyester.

Can we do side mounting on the woven wood?


Is mounting hardware included with my product?

Yes….All products come with the installation hardware.


How do I file a warranty claim?

Mail Warranty Card or Scan QR code

Do you offer refunds and/or exchanges?

No….All shades are Custom made for your Windows

What are my options if I don’t like what I ordered?

Reorder and I will try to resell you shades for you

Measure and Install

What happens if I mismeasure my windows?

Your responsible for it…..That’s why I offer free Estimates to avoid that common problem.

How do I measure my windows?

Measure across Top, Middle, Bottom for Width & Left & Right top to Bottom each side.

How do I install my new blinds or shades?

Install Brackets and insert Shades & Blinds into bracket and tightened.

Should I deduct anything from my measurement for an inside mount?

No……Fabricator will deduct from window treatments

How do I measure for more than one blind for one large window?

Measure each blind separate and make sure it equals the total width of window.

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